Williams DUI & Risk Reduction Schools - Anger Management Classes
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Private sessions $50.00
Group's are $35.00
Please bring Court Papers to the first class to fill out an Intake Form.
After completing your anger management class you will receive the following documents:

1.) Number of Hours as Required by Your Referring Party Court Ordered Anger Management Training and Education By
Williams DUI & Risk Reduction School, LLC

2.) Letter Of Completion Report on our letterhead, with your case particulars addressed to your referring party, statement you have completed the number of hours required by your referring party, our methodology and who we are.

3.)Certificate Of Completion
for # of Hours you attended For Anger Management as approved by Williams DUI and Risk Reduction School, LLC, personally signed by our Certified Facilitator for your class with Corporate Seal.

4.) You receive a model of Anger Management with tools/methods that actually work. When used they will improve your interpersonal relationships in your personal, business and public like. You will be able to reduce your reaction to anger triggering events to more appropriate responses that enhance your life.

1185-B Veterans Memorial Highway
Mableton, GA 30126

Website: www.williamsduischools.com
**We accept all Major Credit & Debit Cards**
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