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Clinical Evaluations

Georgia law now requires that anyone who has been charged with a DUI to complete a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation (aka Clinical Evaluation) with a state-approved (by DBHDD) Substance Abuse Counselor.    
Additionally, Georgia law now requires that anyone who has been convicted of a DUI must FIRST complete the Risk Reduction Program (RRP or DUI Class)BEFORE they complete the Clinical Evaluation. So please be prepared to provide a copy of your NEEDS Assessment & a copy of your Certificate of Completion (both provided from the DUI school where you completed the RRP/DUI class) when you come for your Clinical Evaluation.

Treatment Provider
$50.00 per session

Based on the results of your Clinical Evaluation you may be required to participate in a Substance Abuse Treatment Program that is led by a certified treatment provider. Again, we here at Williams DUI & Risk Reduction School, LLC are here to help.
We offer ASAM LEVEL I weekly sessions on Thursday Evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm (the state of Georgia requires that receive 3-hours per week). 

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