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Williams DUI & Risk Reduction Schools -
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State of Georgia, license #DT-646


To Register for the 30 Driver Training online course for the low cost of

$99.00 plus take up to 6 months to complete,  simply click below to start!


$150.00 for the class room course call  404-281-4542 to setup your start date. 

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We offer classroom and online New Driver Training to satisfy Georgia's "Joshua's Law" requirements.
If your goal is to keep safe and provide yourself or your child with the best driver training possible, while satisfying Georgia state requirements for teen driver education, then look no further. Our Driving Instructors have successfully trained young teens to be safe, courteous, and defensive drivers.

Benefits of Our Course Packages...

  • Fully Satisfy Joshua's Law Requirements *
  • Guaranteed Insurance Discount of at Least 10% **
  • $150 Tax Credit ***

Monday  -  Friday          11:00AM to 2:00PM
Williams DUI & Risk Reduction School, LLC
is the best driving school for Teens. Teens are taught the new generation methodologies from the very first session. All our Teen Driving Programs are approved by the State of Georgia - Department of Driver Services and fully comply with Joshua's Law

JOSHUA'S LAW – GEORGIA TEEN DRIVER TRAINING 30 Hour Driver Education & 6 Hour behind the Wheel (behind the wheel coming in January 2016)
Beginning January 1st, 2007, all 16-year-olds applying for a class D driving license in Georgia must complete an approved driver education course with a driving school registered by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).
Williams DUI & Risk Reduction School, LLC
is a licensed driving school with the State of Georgia, license #DT-646. All of our driving instructors are certified by the Georgia Department of Driver Services to provide driver education courses and supervised driving instruction that meet Joshua’s Law requirements.
Our highly successful Teen Driving School located outside Atlanta utilizes technology as a medium for new age learning.  Williams DUI & Risk Reduction School, LLC concentrates on teaching Teens to "think ahead" and prepares the young driver to make the right decision in any road related emergency.
30 Hour Driver Education Course
Benefits of Virtual Learning for Driver Education (Online Driver Training)

  1. Time effective
  2. Optimal learning
  3. Cost effective - (costs less than $2.33 per hour)
  4. Promotes "Ownership learning"
  5. Convenient
  6. Safe
  7. Results oriented
  8. Parents/guardian can monitor the student's progress
  9. Insurance reductions and tax credits apply

We are aware that parents are finding it more difficult to manage time transporting their teens to school, sports and social events and after-school activities. Trying to fit in driver education classes adds to this load.

JUST DRIVER TRAINING has made it easy on parents with an ONLINE driving school solution for their Teens, which is affordable and effective.
Teens are tired of sitting in a classroom, listening to lectures and trying to remain focused. Traditional classrooms in bricks and mortar with accelerated courses are no longer effective and are outdated. Distractions in the physical classroom, boredom, exhaustion and info overload, the 522+ pages of information to cover in only 5 days makes it impossible for Teens to absorb in this short period of time. Driving schools operating these types of classroom are only interested in their bottom line – payment and contracts and how quickly they can turn students around in the classroom. In our experience over the past years, statistics have shown the advantages of Online education.

  • Teens absorb more information and retain the driver education far better through "Ownership Learning"

  • - this is the 21st century learning method.

  • -Teens can now choose the time of day, the amount of time and the amount of work they want to cover.

  • -The course has a time limit of 6 months.

  • Our ONLINE driver training course is interactive and with secure username and password for access to the course.

  • -Teens can now enjoy working on the course to suit their school and sports schedules.

APPROVED by the State of Georgia

The course is approved by the State of Georgia, Department of Driver Services. Taking Driver Education ONLINE fits well with the current systems and methods by which students are learning, researching information and gaining knowledge.

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