Williams DUI & Risk Reduction Schools - Theft Prevention Class
Williams DUI & Risk Reduction Schools -
Theft Prevention Class
Have you been court ordered to attend a
Theft Prevention Class

Williams Theft Prevention Program & Counseling, LLC. 
Shoplifting Intervention Program’s purpose is to prevent recurring shoplifting behaviors by working with first-time offenders in an educational program.   
Program Description:

The shoplifting and theft prevention course is required when a person is mandated by the courts. This is an 8-session course that will give a more intense perspective as to why people shoplift or steal. This training will also assist professionals in providing psycho-education groups with offenders who have committed crimes of shoplifting, theft, burglary, check fraud, employee theft, identity theft, or embezzlement.
Some of the purposes of this course also include:

  • Identifying high-risk situations that trigger the impulse to steal
  • Addressing underlying issues such as grief, loss, depression, anger, self-esteem, anxiety, etc.
  • Revising career plans and developing strategies to improve financial problems
  • Suggesting and implementing life-style changes that increase self-confidence
  • Developing strategies for happiness, purpose, and fulfillment 

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