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Pocket Guide to Co-Parenting Success

Pocket Guide to Co-Parenting Success

All my success involves 3 things

1. Enjoying and admiring our children.

2. Supporting their chance to be enjoyed and admired by their other parent.

3. Acting in ways that make them proud of their family.

And for immediate success in these things:

Nix 6: What I DON’T do

Fix 6: What I DO

*I don’t argue with my co-parent.

*I don’t hold onto old resentments.

*I don’t look on my co-parent as my opponent.

*I don’t look to my legal rights for what could be solved by common sense and love for our children.

*I don’t do things that would create insecurity or suspicion in my co-parent.

*I don’t forget my good integrity, sense of humor, or love for our children.

*I enjoy and admire our children.

*I observe the Child Safety Zone—our children always see peace between their parents.

*I regularly share with our children good things about their other parent.

*I celebrate what our children get to do with their other parent.

*I promptly share all child-related information with my co-parent.

*I cheerfully encourage my children to call their other parent.

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