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Things to Bring for Tax Preparation

Things to Bring for Tax Preparation

To ensure the highest quality of tax preparation, we recommend bringing the following information with you to your appointment.

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Social Security Cards (including self, spouse & children)

Driver License or ID Card

Child Care Provider: Name, Address, Tax ID# or SSN, & amount paid

Education Expense: 1098 T

Prior Year’s Taxes

Stimulus Rebate Amount

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Student loan interest paid

IRA contributions

Early withdrawal penalties

Moving expenses

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W-2 forms for this year

Unemployment compensation: forms 1099-G

Miscellaneous income including rent: form(s) 1099-MISC

Pensions and Annuities: form(s) 1099-R

Social Security Benefits: form(s) SSA 1099

Partnerships & S Corporations: Schedule K-1

State and Local Income Tax Refunds: form(s) 1099-G

Gambling and Lottery winnings: form W-2G

Interest Income: 1099 INT

Dividend Income: 1099 INT

Proceeds from Stocks: 1099-B

Sale of Home Income Loss: 1099-B

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Mortgage Interest Statement: form(s) 1098

Real Estate Taxes Paid

Personal Property Taxes: Ad Valorem

Charitable Donations

Church Tithes & Offering

Unreimbursed Job Expenses

Unreimbursed Volunteer Expenses

Unreimbursed Medical Expenses

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Business Income: form(s) 1099 MISC and/or own records

Partnership Income: Schedules K-1

Business-related expenses: receipts and other documents

Employment taxes & other estimated business taxes paid for current tax year

Tax ID number or Incorporation papers

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