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The Victim Impact Panel Program is also Virtual and is $100.00

The purpose of the Victim Impact Panel (VIP) program is to help drunk and drugged driving offenders to recognize and internalize the lasting and long-term effects of substance-impaired driving. The classes seek to create an empathy and understanding of the tragedy, leave a permanent impression that leads to changes in thinking and behavior and prevents future offenses.

At a VIP, victims, survivors and others impacted by substance-impaired driving crashes speak briefly about the crash in which they were injured and/or a loved one was killed or injured. They share a first-person account of how the crash impacts their lives.

They do not blame or judge. They simply tell their stories, describing how their lives and the lives of their families and friends were affected by the crash.

The Victim Impact Panel, which is required for most DUI cases and some drug charges, is a 2-hour educational program that teaches individuals about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The cost of the class is $100.00 and is accepted by courts, and offered on a weekly basis so that you can make sure you complete your court requirements as soon as possible.

The class is offered only at our Mableton location only on Tuesday through Friday between the hours of 7am to 2pm.

Call today to be enrolled in the next Victim Impact Panel.


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